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James Rutledge

>>>Everything Everything>>Arc (James Rutledge Album Remix)

James Rutledge Remix


Official reconstructed version of the entire Everything Everything album Arc. Created from stems for each track.

Won! Remixer Of The Year 2015 Music Producers Guild Awards.

>>>Fever Ray>>Triangle Walks (James Rutledge Remix)

James Rutledge Remix


>>>Radiohead>>Videotape (James Rutledge Remix)


4 Hour Remix with video. Limited to one copy only. Click on Guardian feature to read.

>>>Vowels>>On Up!

James Rutledge Remix


Personal project of drums and synth.

>>>Pedro>>The Water Ran This Way Back And Forth

James Rutledge Remix


Personal project featured in the Sean Penn film Into The Wild.

>>>Pedro>>Fear & Resilience (Four Tet Remix)

James Rutledge Remix


Personal project remixed by Kieran Hebden.